Adventist Voices by Spectrum: The Journal of the Adventist Forum

Adventist Voices by Spectrum: The Journal of the Adventist Forum

Our goal is to foster community through conversation. This podcast is a companion to Spectrum, a journal established to encourage Seventh-day Adventist participation in the discussion of contemporary issues from a Christian viewpoint, to look without prejudice at all sides of a subject, to evaluate the merits of diverse views, and to foster intellectual and cultural growth. For more, go to:

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    Road to the GC 2: Running to the City—Indianapolis

    I chat with Humans of Adventism creator Kaleb Eisele about his hometown of Indianapolis, the site of the 2020 General Conference Session. We discuss the culture of Indiana Adventism, how GC attendees can better understand urban contexts, as well as hospitality insights from his recent visit to Oregon camp meeting.

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    Identity for Adventists with Michael Nixon

    Our Adventist Voice this week is the prophetic Michael Nixon, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Andrews University. We discuss race, Adventist identity, his work with Ty Gibson on Against the Wall, as well as Michael's background as an attorney and the son of a pastor. He will be at our Adventist Forum conference, leading a panel discussion on Youth, Ethnicity and Adventist Identity on Aug. 31.

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    Shooting the Breeze: Favorite Books and Film

    This week I talk with someone I've been shooting the breeze with for several decades: Ronald Osborn, Associate Professor of Ethics and Philosophy at La Sierra University. We talk about our top three books of the Bible, The Brothers Karamazov, the HBO series Chernobyl, the current film The Farewell, and other light summer fare.

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    Road to the GC (Part 1)

    This week we kick off a new series focused on the next General Conference Session. My guests are Bonnie Dwyer, editor of Spectrum and Raymond Dabrowski, longtime director of communication for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the current director of communication for the Rocky Mountain Conference.

    In this rambling conversation focusing on media at the GC session, Ray shares his insider perspective managing church messaging and Bonnie discusses what she finds important for reporting the news.

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    Zane Yi on Philosophy and Adventism

    A founder of the Society of Adventist Philosphers, Zane Yi talks about his early Adventist life and what book of the Bible sparked his interest in the contemplative life. Dr. Yi teaches at Loma Linda University and holds master’s degrees in philosophy from Loyola Marymount University (2004) and a master’s degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary (2005) as well as a doctorate degree in philosophy at Fordham University.

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    The Sabbath School Quarterly with Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown is a writer and book editor at Signs Publishing Company, based near Melbourne, Australia. He has collaborated with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) on “The Least of These” Sabbath School Quarterly project over a period of almost 10 years.

    Nathan is author/editor of 16 books, including two this year—Of Falafels and Following Jesus and For the Least of These (companion book to the third quarter Sabbath school lessons). He has completed two masters degrees, in professional writing, and theology and justice, respectively.

    In this episode we discuss his work on the quarterly, what’s just about Adventism, and how he lives the writing life.

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